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There are way too many parents – especially the young ones – who believe the best way to develop positive child behavior is tempting the kids with rewards. However, rewarding children for things that they should readily do could prove to be detrimental to their development as people.

Since children are extremely impressionable, constant rewards merely teach to anything in exchange of a reward. It is not a good lesson for young kids to learn as they will always expect something for exhibiting the child behavior that they should readily be exhibiting.

Here is the parenting advice for parents who use rewards to induce learning in their children.

Avoid Shopping Antics

Nearly every person on the planet has witnessed a child on a shopping trip screaming, crying and carrying on. The wailing usually includes “but I want it”! This type of child behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Raising children is a tough job but guidelines and boundaries will help you to teach your kids about how to behave properly.

Before planning a trip to the mall or the grocery store, be sure to instruct your kids about the manners that you expect of them. Tell them the rules of the excursion as well as exactly what you are planning to purchase at each store. You must make them understand that as young parents, you don't have the money to buy anything that isn't on your list.

It would be a nice thing if you plan something special if they do behave well, such as playing a game or reading a story. Although the kids are getting something for good behavior, it is not a tangible reward but is a nice treat and will help you to build stronger child parent relationships.

Good parenting is subjective and the same tips don't work for all people. In the event your children behave poorly at the store, they will need to be disciplined. Stoop down to your child's level and tell him that if he does not begin to behave in an appropriate manner, he will lose something important to him, such as TV time, a trip to the park or even a favorite toy.

This should do the trick but if not, you must remove him from the store, go home and follow through with his punishment. Soon, your shopping trips will be a breeze.

Patience Problems

Most people schedule appointments for the beauty salon, and other service industries at times when the children will be taken care of by someone else. Although this can be a good idea, there are times that bringing your children to appointments cannot be avoided.

For example, if you are on your way home from the store and the car breaks down, you will have no choice but to bring the children with you to the shop. All children have the ability to exhibit correct child behavior in any situation.

Proper child behavior is learned not inherent. Parenting kids means that you must show your children the way you expect them to behave. Many young parents simply allow their children to behave in any manner that they choose but this is doing their children a disservice. You should inspire your kid to grow to become well-mannered, respectful and good people.

When you are in a situation where your children must be patient, like at the repair shop, tell them how you expect them to behave. It's best if you explain that having your car fixed is important and they are in a place where most children do not go.

Let them know that good child behavior is expected and that you will be on your way as soon as the mechanic can fix the car. Playing quiet guessing games, tic tac toe, hangman or just drawing pictures will pass the time and help your child learn how to behave appropriately while waiting.

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