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This is the most common question that most parents think and ask themselves!

Planning for a second baby is often the most difficult question, even more difficult and thought provoking than the first one. There are a series of questions that needs to be answered. It is the inclusion of a new member in your house. So more responsibility in terms of the mother's and baby's health.

With a new child again, there is again a shift in the lifestyle of the family so a lot of things needs to be considered.

Mother's Health: The most important factor which needs to be considered before planning before a second baby is the health of the mother. It is only when she is fit and her body is ready to conceive a second baby, then only the couple should plan for a second one.

Financial Security: Money is a very significant factor to be considered for planning a baby and especially if you are thinking of a second one. The child's education, lifestyle all depends will gradually determine whether you are ready for a second one or not. Every parent wants that their child leads a comfortable and luxurious life.

First Child's Health and Lifestyle: If the first child does not keep well and is usually under medications and hospital visits, the best decision is to take care of the first child and utilize the time and money for him or her.

Moreover, consider the work situation too. Many women find it harder to keep up with full- or part-time work once the second baby comes along.

Mutual Agreement: Both the father and the mother should be happy with the idea of planning for a second baby. This decision should be based on the consent of both the partners. Even if one of them is not willing to go for a second one, it is advisable to wait for some time before thinking further.

Sure, you can sit down with a big legal pad and go for a long decision to calculate the pros and cons before taking the big step. But this is also one of those decisions that's led by the heart, so go ahead and listen to yours. If you want another baby, and your partner does too, there may be no time like the present.

Hence, there are a lot of reasons to be considered both practically and emotionally before thinking of planning for a second child.

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