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West Ridge Academy says that any precious time that you will be able to enjoy with your family through playing will be instrumental towards retaining the closeness of your family. The reason is that the bond that you will be forming with your spouse and kids during these enjoyable times will someday prove invaluable in surpassing the unavoidable trials that come along.

And there are countless ways that you can do this, without the need to go for luxurious out of town trips, or buying the newest gizmos. In fact, most experts even believe that it is better if you keep the activities as simple as possible.

According to West Ridge Academy, below are some possible things that your family can do:

  • Play board games. Dust off those board games left to gather dust in the corner, and engage in some low-cost but absolutely enjoyable games with the family. You will be ecstatic as soon as you realize that you didn't actually have to spend that much money, and yet you and your family were treated to a wonderful time courtesy of these simple board games of scrabble, checkers, or monopoly. An accompanying benefit if you do these activities is that you will get to hone some important skills of your children while playing, such as their vocabulary in the case of scrabble; anticipation and generalship in the case of checkers or chess; and rudimentary finance concepts in the case of monopoly. Another related option is to entice your family to join you in completing a large size puzzle, which incidentally will also allow them to hone their spatial intelligence.
  • Engage in a sport which the whole family can participate in. Sports which are not that difficult to do and would allow multiple players playing at the same time such as bowling, badminton, billiards, basketball, volleyball, or other group sports will be a source of endless memorable moments which your family will certainly appreciate. It can be as low-cost as possible. The key is for all the family members to do one particular activity together. Sometimes all it takes is just a ball and a little space and you'll be good to go. You will be amazed at the numerous possibilities that you and your family can do with just a ball and some time on your hands.
  • West Ridge Academy says that going on occasional trips will be wonderful for the family. Travel widens the horizon for your family and will enlighten them towards the other realities in life. The mere act of going to new places and meeting new people will raise their awareness to the conditions of other people; which could either inspire them to do even better in their own life or be thankful for what they already have. Another benefit of this is that in between layovers in airports or terminals, you will have plenty of time to chat and crack jokes with your kids. You will also have numerous snacks, lunches, or dinners which will allow you to bond with your family outside of the normal family dinner setting. The trips don't even have to be out of the country or a long-distance trip at that. Oftentimes a short trip to the suburbs would already be enough, as long as you get to spend that much needed quality time with the family and you are able to accumulate those valuable bonding moments together.
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