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We all know that breast milk has the finest nourishment that our baby can have when it comes to feeding time. All doctors agree on this, and this is why it is so important for parents to have The miPump at their disposal. let's face it, we don't always have the time to breast feed our little ones with our already busy schedules, being available can become a chore in itself.

The innovative breast pump by the first years was specifically designed after extensive research from lactation experts as well as the invaluable feedback from moms like you and myself.


When it comes to using the miPump, first years have created a product that is genuinely comfortable for all moms with a breast shield purposely designed to mold and fit you properly and securely, keeping you comfortable as you pump. With the first years miPump this ultimately means you have greater success at expressing milk for your baby.


You wouldn't even know the miPump was being used because of how quiet it runs. You are the only one who will know that you're pumping, but do not let this discretion fool you. There is no sacrifice in motor strength as a result of its silent characteristics.


With its sleek practical design, the miPump is simple to use, clean and assemble. Within a few short steps you are ready to use. With its multi level controls you can adjust the suction level for ease and comfort for you. It also has a visual led display view of suction level convenient for finding the perfect suction level settings for you.

On the move:

Of course you will not always be in the home when you are using this product. For on your journeys you can pack the lightweight miPump into its stylish carrier bag and off you go. Find yourself out and about with no electricity close by, not to worry, the miPump is not only electric generated by its motor also runs on batteries for your convenience.

Final Word:

The reason we love first years products is their attention to detail when it comes to providing quality products specifically designed for comfort of use.

All growing families need to spend their money wisely and the mipump allows this to happen as there's no need to purchase formula on a consistent basis, couple that with its affordable price and you're on to a winner here.

The first years miPump is simple, comfortable, affordable and convenient, so, what are you still doing here? Pop over to and take a look around for yourself, there's plenty of moms who are already using this product who have left their reviews for others to read.

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