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A child is the most beautiful part of a couple's life. However, the euphoria of a baby begins to fade as it starts growing. Reality sets in fast. Generally, it becomes difficult for working parents to balance their professional and personal life post the birth of the child. The situation is more stressful for mothers. Child care centres have popped-up to provide childcare: they go by different names like creche, day-care centres etc. But discerning parents who wish to have customized and personalized childcare, are now beginning to see value in nanny services.

So what makes a nanny care different from a childcare centre?

  1. Nanny services are personalized, wherein the nanny takes care of the child at his/her house. A childcare centre is a community centre: one or more nannies take care of many kids.
  2. With nanny service, you need not take the extra effort of pick and drop to the childcare centre, and also the nanny would take care of the pick-up and drop off the child to the school and other training classes.
  3. With a nanny, there is room for flexibility in planning the day schedule compared to childcare that operates for fixed hours.

In addition, these services have been in demand due to additional benefits they offer over childcare/daycare centres:

  1. A nanny can assure one to one care. Young children are prone to picking up infections and diseases from other kids. With nannies, parents can be assured of health care of the child. Childcare centres are notorious for spreading infections.
  2. The child gets to spend time at home in his/her room. Besides, the nanny would create an exclusive schedule for the child based on his/her school time. This ensures timely and orderly eating, studying and sleeping habits, essential for healthy growth.
  3. As the nanny sorts the majority of the routines of the child, once the parents are back from work, they can spend quality time with their child.
  4. Whenever the child is unwell unable to attend school, the nanny comes as a rescue to get him/her study and get back to the school schedule.

However, parents may still hesitate to hire a nanny care. This is mostly due to lack of knowledge of hiring caring and trained nannies. Many parents try to work it out among their friends and relatives. But with the kind of busy life everyone is leading, it is becoming a thing of the past.

That is why in places like Dubai, specialized online services have come forth to help parents. A service like, say, helps parents book nanny care service with their friendly mobile app or website. The service empanels trained and certified nannies to help working parents. And since it's an aggregator, if one nanny fails to show up, they will help by sending in another competent one.

Give your child the comfort of a caring and compassionate nanny.

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