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You have conducted many interviews and you are at the final stage of appointing a nanny to aid in the care of your child. You may have a few good potential nannies, or you may have one favorite already. Here are some tips to help in the final stages of choosing a nanny. It is important that you keep a clear head as you narrow down the list of potential nannies.

  • Always keep a written list of who you have seen and what your thoughts were on each interviewee
  • Think of which candidate had the most positive points and feel in your heart which nanny do you feel the most comfortable with. After all this is all about the care and safety of your most precious belongings – your kids! You must feel 100% comfortable with your choice.
  • Call the favorite candidate for a second interview or a short-term trial. It is beneficial for her to get a better idea about the job and your family dynamics, and will help you confirm if you have made the right decision. Obviously you will discuss with this candidate before the trial about what and how much compensation she will receive.
  • Before you hire the nanny, make sure your spouse has met this candidate and feels comfortable with your choice.
  • However when you do offer this job, after all is said and done, the nanny might decline, feeling that it is not the right work environment for her. Do not try to encourage her to take the job anyway. You want to hire someone who is eager to do the job, not pushed into it.
  • You will have to think about how you will manage your nanny. How you deal with your nanny, is imperative. It will make your relationship with her a better one, and her work will be more efficient. Praise her and tell her when you like the work that she has done. After all, she is a person and everyone needs recognition. If you need to criticize her, say it in a gentle non condescending manner, as you want her to perfect herself while not feeling belittled.

Good luck with your choice. Don't forget to follow your instincts. If you feel good about someone, it is probably a sign that it is the right candidate for your needs.

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