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Is your baby getting enough nutrition? Here's how to be sure.

With the joy of becoming a mother comes an inevitable wave of constant worry whether or not you are parenting right, whether your is getting enough nutrition, what that little sneeze meant and more. Thankfully, a care app can lower the burden and help supervise your baby's growth the right way with nutrition chart for babies, list of infant and 6 month baby food, baby weight chart India and baby height and weight chart India.

BabyBerry, one of the best parenting apps android and apps for new parents can also be used as a convenient baby health record app and provides tips on newborn baby care in Hindi, baby care tips in Hindi and baby care tips in Tamil beside English.

Another advantage of this care app is that you can easily take care of his nutritional requirements by incorporating foods to his diet as given in its easy-to-read and easy-to-follow nutrition chart for babies.

However, since babies are very delicate, it is best to also keep a track of whether or not their bodily requirements are being met, even if you are doing and following everything right. Here's how you can easily do the same with the help of apps for new parents:

1. Track baby growth week by week

One of the easiest ways to know if your baby is getting enough nutrition and calories is by checking his weight and height according to his age. You can download baby height and weight chart from BabyBerry, one of the best parenting apps android to track your growth week by week. For example, if you see a significant drop in your baby's weight during a certain week or decline in height increase over a certain period, that is a cue that your baby is undernourished and you can take appropriate action to correct the deficiency.

2. Check for possible nutritional deficiency signs

Many things that we often ignore can easily be a sign that your baby is lacking one or other important nutritions required for proper growth and development. You can use a baby health record app to get a note of what is normal and what calls for attention. For example, your baby might be nutrition deficient if:

  • His hair is dry, sparse and easily breakable.
  • He has dark circles under the eye.
  • His skin is dry, flaky and pale.
  • His wounds do not heal easily.
  • He has soft and bleeding gums.
  • His tongue is smooth and pale.
  • He has many tooth cavities.
  • He has cuts in the mouth corners.
  • His lips are cracking.
  • His nails are thin and break off easily.

While most of these visible signs can easily be cured by incorporating proper nutrition, vitamins, and minerals in your baby's diet, you must visit your doctor or consult experts on BabyBerry, the care app and have a proper nutritional analysis for your in case even alteration in diet doesn't seem to help and improve your baby's health.

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