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Why the necessity for young persons in foster care to be given the option to stay with their foster carers after the age of eighteen? Children in foster care deserve the same benefits and opportunities as birth children and this means that they should also have the option to remain in the foster family home longer if necessary after the age of eighteen.

Many young people stay in the family home to save money after they secure their first professional job. The current nature of the job market means that it may take some time to secure a first professional job and even after this has been achieved, low starting salaries may not be sufficient to pay rent for private accommodations. Staying in the family home can afford the opportunity to save. Children coming out of foster care may have the same experiences in the job market and so any help that can be afforded to them, such as the opportunity to remain in the foster family home longer can help to give them a better start in their adult life.


The cost of tertiary education too has increased significantly and educational grants are a great help and in many cases a necessity, for adolescence to pursue higher education. Even with this grant though, it may be worth saving money before entering university education full time. Allowing young adults in foster care to remain in the foster family home for a longer period can give them more opportunity to save money and be better financially prepared to enter university education.

The change from childhood to adulthood is an important step in any young person's life and the more support systems they have in place the better they are able to cope and make the best decisions for their own future. Children entering adulthood from a care background also need this support and guidance from adults. Giving a young person in foster care the opportunity to remain in a foster family home for a longer period, also gives the foster parents more time to spend with them and guide them through the transition into adulthood.

Things like money management and cooking skills are life skills which some may take for granted, but which many young people have to learn on their own. Having a foster family to impart this information at a stage when a young person needs it most, can make all the difference to a young person's start in life.

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