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It is with most of the parents that they use some kind of punishment to discipline their child. Parents become very impulsive when they see the tantrums of the child, they do not even bother to find the reason why they are behaving in that way. It will really ease their problem if they will know what is troubling their child or what they want? This will help them to understand the nature of the child and how to respond to their childrens tantrum. Kids are not different from adults and they also get frustrated on certain circumstances. So their responses for the frustration are also the same as the adults do but they should be tackled in different manner.

Most of the frustration kids show when they are not allowed to do things whatever they want like:

a. Watch TV programs that are not appropriate for them.
b. Watch TV while it's already bed time, study time, and/or meal time.
c. Play when its bed time, study time, and/or meal time…
d. Eat candy or junk foods…
e. Buy the toys they want.

When parents don't permit them for the things which they want then they really feel bad and get irritated. Frustration among kids is normal and it occurs due to different reason. When the parents don't give enough attention to the kids then they feel ignored. Grown up child understand the situation that their parents might be busy in some important work therefore they are unable to give time. They also know that when their parents will get free they will come back to them and everything thing would be same as before. When it happens with kids they don't understand the situation because they have childish nature and they don't understand this busy schedule. They want their parents to be present when they need them.

Many children do the mistake of fulfilling their child demand so just they stop their tantrums. They don't know the fact that they are giving the way to their children to become stubborn and they will stop their tantrums momentarily.

Next time when the child are not entertained when they demand something, then they again start showing their tantrums. Eventually the parents again land up by fulfilling their demands. It really depends how you treat your child and the kind of the atmosphere of the home. Frustration in our kids can also occur by seeing our own frustration. We don't even notice this thing but it's true that when parents get frustrated, kids also get frustrated. It has been said that kids read their parents and tend to absorb what they see in them. Tantrums are normal among children but being a parents we should know and don't make the mistake of responding to it in a manner that will reinforce it. Every time don't punish them because improper punishment can make the child violent. Just imagine when the children will show their frustration and for that if they would be beaten, just expect what will be their reaction, they will likely to become violent.

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