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It's a universal truth that children learn more while playing and experiencing the situation on their own. A child's imagination is a powerful thing. It inclines towards fantasy and curiosity and also create joy from the simplest of activities.

My Wings, a Swedish based startup that has recently created a new style of children's shirt that has beautifully designed wings to help children soar in life. These wings are artistically designed with original art that creatively depict the wings of dragons,butterflies, and fairies. My Wings creative playfulness can fuel a child's learning as well as development. My Wings uniquely playful shirts nurture every child's inclination for fantasy and curiosity. The Wings remind the children the feeling of freedom that is already alive within them, and the dreams are possible and within their reach.

Based on three main guiding ideas i.e, play, development and compassion, 'My Wings' has launched a unique charity program, 'Giving Wings', for children in need or recovering from tough circumstances. My Wings try to enhance the interest of children and encourage them to enjoy their childhood with learning new things. The main motive behind 'Giving Wings' is to uplift children throughout the world and helping them to develop self- esteem, confidence and creative exploration.

Each shirt is accompanied by a 'My Wings' card and booklet, which contains guided activities for children and adults to engage in together. These materials also create quality adult as well as child bonding time. All these are essential factors in helping children with especially difficult emotional and physical trauma issues and were instrumental in the creation of 'Giving Wings', program which will support children in healing around the world.

My Wings have also established relationships with the Shriners Hospital for Children in Sacramento, California and also with 'Pay It Forward Sweden' for the 'Giving Wings' Program. Using the 'Pay It Forward' model, individuals, businesses, and other organizations can purchase winged shirts and the accompanying confidence developing materials. These will then be distributed to young patients at the Shriners Children's Hospital as well as to children in Sweden who are in trauma recovery.

My Wings has launched an Indiegogo Campaign to support the global 'Giving Wing' Program. The campaign has been launched to help fund the company's first production order, build an e-commerce web site, and expand the Giving Wings program with additional supportive organizations. Through the program's partner organizations, the contributors will be able to gift the shirts to the children with special needs throughout the world. At the same time, these shirts can be an excellent gift idea for their own children, niece or nephew.

The link between play, imagination and psychological well-being is well established. The 'Giving Wings' program is offering the chance to directly help the children who need it most through one simple but beautiful, life-changing gesture.

For more information on 'My Wings' or the 'Giving Wings' program please contact or visit /1VrCqau

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