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Taking care of a young child can be daunting; especially for a grandparent that has not babysat a young child for a long time. But, just like riding a bike, it will come back to you with a little practice and a few helpful tips.

1. Most importantly, be sure to take good care of yourself. By exercising regularly, getting rest and following a healthy diet, you will be in good shape to take care of a young child.

2.Another tip that will help when you're babysitting is to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Feeling comfortable in clothes and shoes that fit well, will help you to move more freely and quickly, especially when you need to. Another very important tip is to keep all of your medicine out of reach. Children love to explore and open up anything that comes across their path. Should you have to take medicine when they're around, be careful and if they are old enough to talk, let them know why you're taking the medicine and that it is not candy.

3. Be sure to also have a list of emergency numbers close at hand. If there is an emergency, you will need to know quickly who to contact and what to do. Be sure to also know the phone number and address of where you are babysitting and how the emergency crew can get to the location. If you know when you will be babysitting, be sure to plan accordingly. That means, be sure to get some extra rest before you go if at all possible. In addition, be sure that your driver's license is current and that you have a car seat in the car for your young infant.

4. Also, before the parents leave for their destination, be sure to follow the instructions they give you. It is important to find out what kind of food they want their children to have and if extra clothes might be needed-especially pajamas and robes.

5. Never leave a young child out of your site. To ensure that they stay safe, watch over them in one particular area of the home. Most importantly, keep your young child away from the street. Cars, bikes and people hurrying around can be a safety issue, so always keep them close to you. Another important tip is to never answer the door unless you the parents are expecting someone to show while they are gone. Playing with young children is a wonderful thing to do because children love the activity of playing. Playing with a child also makes them feel safe and loved and that can be a plus factor when babysitting a young grandchild.

To conclude, babysitting a very young grandchild doesn't have to be a fearful, challenging or impossible task. With a few tips, you can babysit your young grandchild and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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