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Surrogacy in India

Pregnancy is a blessing from nature as it signals the beginning of endless happiness for ever. However, it is not easy for every one to become proud parents. Although, parents try every possible method, yet they find it problematic to be blessed with a child. However, thanks to Surrogacy in India, couples who want to seek parenthood can surely gather endless and everlasting joy and happiness. Now, even if you have tried every possible method, but failed, resort to surrogacy as it open plethora of happiness like never before.

After all, surrogacy is the method where another woman renders her service of delivering the child for “individuals” or for “couples”. Hence, it lightens the lives of those who have been greatly demoralized and depressed for not having the child.

Surrogacy cost


The surrogacy cost in India is way less as compared to the western countries. Hence, it stands out to be the perfect destinations for the couples to get the coveted treatment so that they can have the best feeling of joy and happiness without burning a hole in their pocket. Hence, increasing number of couples as well as individuals are coming to the country to become proud parents. After all, a baby is the symbol of the love for the parents as she strengthens the bond in the family even further. A home does not become complete unless a child enhances the beauty of surrounding by its cries and mischief at regular intervals. Therefore, thanks to low surrogacy cost, medical tourism in India is indeed rising like never before. India is indeed fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of hundreds and thousand of “parents” in search of their “own child”. It is only possible through the sophisticated and effective procedure which is done in the form of surrogacy.

Cost of Surrogate Mother

Cost of surrogate mother in India is way less that what you would have otherwise have to shell in United States. In India you are required to pay just “one forth” of what you had to pay in United States.

There are also fewer formalities which you have to complete while adopting the procedure. Thanks to India Council of Medical research, surrogate mothers are to sign away their rights on the baby after birth. Surrogacy is also referred as a God sent opting for mothers who could not conceive. In this procedure, the embryo is planted into surrogate's mother uterus that in turn carries pregnancy. Not only the low surrogacy cost has been a source of attraction, another reason for the country in becoming a booming hub is due to the fact that many countries have banned surrogacy. Hence, increasing number of people are turning to India to operate themselves at far lesser rates, thereby giving them reasons for changing their lives for the better.

Indians are known to help every one and it is this feeling which gives the reason for surrogate mothers in proving to be a source of happiness in other families by equally strengthening their finances earning in the process as well.

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