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Today's woman does not terrify of aging. In fact these days these women believe that 30's is new 20's and 40's is their new 30's and so on. Healthy lifestyle, yoga and so many beauty treatments have really defied these women's age and today they are giving their teenage daughters a tough fight as far as their looks are concerned. There was once a time when mothers used to stop caring about their looks and career to devote themselves to their children, we are witnessing that the time is changing now. Women's mentality is changing. They love to be a multitalented super mom who not only take care of their children well but also do well in their career without spoiling their beauty. They are fighting tough to stay young and are giving competition to the younger generation. Though you can see it often in your offices and in shopping malls but here are some celebrities who have got the looks that scream the same story. If you want to know about age defying products and lifestyle to fight aging buy content related to the subject.

Pop diva Madonna is the finest example of it. Madonna is 53 by age but by her looks she seems much younger. She is a singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, film producer, film director, fashion designer, author and an entrepreneur, in short a multitalented woman. She also is a mother of four children. If you imagine a 53 year old lady doing work in such an amount and taking care of four children at the same time, first picture that would come into your mind must be of an old and exhausted lady. But sorry, much to our surprise, she looks no less than her 15 year old daughter. She is still a bigger celebrity and looks even hotter than her teenage daughter. To see this mother-daughter duo and to compare their looks buy Hollywood celebrity images of these beautiful ladies.

Hot actress of “Underworld” Kate Beckinsale also seems like cheating her age. This hot actress is approaching 40 and has a 13 year old daughter. Her daughter Lily is like a spitting image of Kate but the most surprising thing is that this 38 year old actress still has the same glossy hair and marvelous skin as her 13 year old daughter has. Bond girl and The Desperate Housewife, Teri Hatcher is approaching to her 50's. Though her skin is showing the signs of aging but she still does not look like a 47 year old woman. She still looks too hot that her 15 year old daughter Emerson Rose cannot say “Mom Please look like a mom”.

49 year old Demi Moore is the inspiration of every 40 plus lady. This Hollywood actress who is a mother of three teenage daughters looks no less than a model even today. Her eldest 21 year old daughter Rumer Willis when poses for photographs with her mother Demi, the duo look more like sisters than mother and daughter. To know more about this hot actress, her daughters and her ex-husbands buy exclusive News Images.

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