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You have now reached your 18th week, congratulations! For the first time, baby's size is much bigger than the placenta. He has outgrown the placenta and will continue to become bigger while the placenta also will still grow but not as quick as before. Your little one is at the moment is 5.6 ounces and as heavy as 7 ounces. At 18 weeks, any congenital defects that your baby may have can be detected through ultrasound and any procedure can be planned to support the baby. Fortunately, with the breakthrough of science, a baby that receives sufficient care while in the womb is most likely be born without any defect at all. During this time, your little one is beginning to produce myelin, a substance produced until the ninth month which serves as a protective covering along the nerves. His genitals can be identified by now as well as his unique pair of finger and toe prints. Although, baby's ears are not so mature yet, your little angel can still pick up sounds which make him kick or make sudden movements. The hardening of bones called ossification continues to go on this week that's why it is essential for you to have adequate calcium intake for your baby to have strong bones.


As for the mommy, you'd be feeling much better now because of the symptoms which are quite mild these days. Your energy levels have perked up and an increase in libido is noticeable. Since the symptoms have mellowed down a little bit, you may experience a boost in appetite. Ensure to choose foods that are healthy and rich in vitamins that your little one needs. While pregnant, forgetfulness is also a symptom which is also referred to as pregnancy brain. It is most common during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Dizziness and back pain are still up these days and may even continue until the last month. Applying hot or cold compress and a massage may also provide relief. Vivid or crazy dreams are normal while you are expecting. Sometimes your dreams can be so intense that they seem to appear real when you wake up.

Take time to bond with your partner and share whatever small developments and concerns you may have. That way, you will feel at ease and emotionally stable.

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