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Contrary to public opinion that it is the woman who determines whether a baby would be a girl or a boy, it's actually the sperm of the male that's the reason for this. The guy's sperm contains two chromosomes: Y and X. On the other hand, the woman's ovary has solely the X ones. The X-sperm in fusing with the woman's egg produces a baby girl. The Y chromosome bearing sperm on uniting with a female egg cell brings forth a boy baby.

Below are the techniques concerning how to get pregnant with a boy.

It is important to take note that the bigger chromosome is the X one while the Y chromosome is frequently smaller but nevertheless faster.

A couple must find out precisely the moment the lady is ovulating. It is highly recommended that a couple must have intercourse no less than twenty four hours before the ovulation time and at most twelve hours to the ovulation. It's to increase the likelihood of having a boy. Having intercourse later into the ovulation time significantly lessens the chances of having a boy.

The first task will be for the female to make note of her cervical mucosa. Right before ovulating, her cervical mucous looks raw egg white. At that time, it is typically quite stretchy as well as watery. One should note this down for around two to three cycles to establish reliability before attempting to conceive a baby boy. This is to enable one to find out the exact time of ovulation.

Step two happens when the female notes down her BBT concurrently with step one. It is to get doubly sure regarding the ovulation time and to increase the accuracy of the first step. The female may need to buy a BBT temperature gauge in the nearby drug store. First thing each morning, the female must measure the temperatures and take note of it. Reading temperature after engaging in some activities can lead to inaccurate readings. It is found that throughout times of ovulation, temperature readings tend to increase a little. This is a symptom that one has ovulated. By using such recorded findings during a period of 2 to 3 menstrual cycles, the partners can already make an effort to have a baby boy on the beginning of ovulation once temperatures are relatively consistent.

The next step is for the partners to purchase an ovulation predictor kit. This kit establishes the specific time when a woman is ovulating. The kit detects the woman's LH that's discharged just before ovulating. It is suggested for the woman to make use of it no less than twice a day around 11 AM and 3 PM and around 5 PM and ten in the evening to be able to catch the improvements as quickly as possible. Ovulation will most likely happen twenty four hours after seeing positive results. There's a high chance that partners will get a boy considering all of the variables cited above.

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