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Paddling With Claudia of Sag Harbor

Paddle Boarding has been around for decades and has transformed into a major water sport over the last several years on the East Coast. The Hamptons waterways look quite different these days than they did just a few years back. Just a couple of years ago in the bays of the Hamptons NY there were still mainly kayaks and kids jumping around in tubes and boogies boards in places like Long Beach in Sag Harbor. There is a major wave of change emerging with a Paddling craze of all sized boards. Different colors, materials, sizes, prices. From Kids boards that are mainly soft topped to Epoxy boards that are harder to SUP racing boards that must be over 12'6″ to qualify for Stand UP paddle races that are usually tied to a charity fundraiser out here on the East End of Long Island in the Hamptons and are packed with some of the fastest and best racers out here.

Along with Paddle Boarding in the Hamptons becoming a craze for the layman it has also become quite a competitive business out here in the Hamptons. There were two major outfitters out here last year in the Hamptons and now there are over twenty. Paddling With Claudia of Sag Harbor NY is one of the newer ones. Although, Claudia has been doing this for a while. She is a major surfer who frequents Ditch in Montauk and has become accepted by the locals as a respected surfer who can be seen almost every day year round no matter what the conditions are. She also has a Bachelors of Science from one of the Top Schools in the Country “Nova Southeastern University in Florida” and worked for the USCG in Sea Ecology where they were required to be Dive Masters and worked in the water all day long and conduct Demonstrations for Children and Adults to educate them on how to better protect the sea life and the land around them. Claudia also has her Masters in Early Childhood Education from Long Island University which helps tremendously when she is Paddle Boarding with children out here in the Hamptons.

Claudia is an all-around water baby. She just naturally gravitates to the water. She is half mermaid for sure. From working with Sea Turtles, to surfing, to Paddle Boarding, Lifeguarding, working with East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue and recently leading the Paddle Board Camp for The Hayground Camp of Bridgehampton she will continue to grow her Hamptons SUP business into a multifaceted business here in the Hamptons.

Her work with adults and with children are both dynamic. With adults she has the chance to work on form and balance, fitness and speed and offers a total challenge on her paddling tours. She is willing to travel all over the Hamptons and offers her tours at a reasonable price for a Hampton's outfitter. Claudia pulls up to her clients in a Black Chevy Silverado Pickup overflowing with boards with a beaming smile and a Colombian accent and one of the most infectious and enthusiastic “let's have some fun and learn” attitudes that I have ever seen in an instructor.

With Children, she comes with fully prepared lesson plans about the local Hamptons areas that they will explore and the sea life that they will encounter and makes the whole lesson into a bit of a game. She sets up her lesson plans with paddles, a dry erase board and her lesson plan planned out ahead of time and just jumps in. The kids love it!

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