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To many mothers, her daughter's Big Day is also her most important day in life. The little girl living under her wings will step into another life stage and learn to take care of herself and her partner. So to make the day as perfect as she can, what does she should do?

At the begging of a wedding plan, the mother needs to contact the groom's family, and then arrange a time to meet as soon as possible. The two families should discuss where, when, how the wedding will take place. After reaching a consensus between two families, the mother begins to prepare a budget of the wedding with her husband and the bride, perhaps the groom's parents.

Once these things have been decided, the mother should start shopping as early as possible. It's best that she can dose these things with the bride. So they can exchange their thoughts and ideas. Generally, mother is the person who knows her daughter mostly. She can support useful and critical suggestions. If the daughter has some opinions, the mother should listen and consider. Then you two should get an agreement. After all, it's your daughter's wedding, her satisfaction is the most important thing. In choosing a wedding gown, mother can also lend a hand. If the mother is not satisfied with the length, color and style. You should tell frankly. No one can be such honest as you. All you do is to make your daughter look the best on the day. After the bride has selected her gown, mother can consider hers. The only principle of choosing colors of mother of the bride dresses are to avoid white, ivory, black and red. White and ivory will compete with the bride's dress. Black is not appropriate for a wedding. And red is too flashy. The mother's dress can be elegant and grave. To be polite, the bride's mother contacts the groom's mother to inform her color, style and formality. Their dress should be complementary, not matching. List preparation is also mother's duty. She should confirm the guest number of your side of the family. Write and send the invitation cards and ensure all the guests have received.

As everything has gone to an end, the day is close at hand. On the Big Day, the mother will stand in the receiving line and sit at the parents table acting like a responsible hostess.

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