Parenting Adult Children

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Being a parent is an extremely difficult job in every way but growing families tend to have extra challenges that they need to handle while inspiring children. As families grow, the parents need to deal with the ever changing child development stages as well the maturation of child parent relationships.

This can be quite trying, especially for young parents or working parents. You should not be afraid or embarrassed to ask for parenting advice when you feel that you are at wits end. These parenting help tips will help you to create a happy and well-adjusted, growing family.

The Big J

The main reason that people seek parenting help is because of jealousy problems when a new baby comes into the family. Of course, the entire family is nearly always very excited at the idea of having a new baby.

Children are usually thrilled with the thought of having a baby brother or sister albeit these wonderful thoughts often wear off quickly as the precious bundle of joy begins to take up more and more of the parents' time.

The older kids may begin to feel as if they are no longer important to their parents. At times, they will even wonder if there are still strong child parent relationships. It is of the utmost importance that all your kids feel equally loved and belonged. You should also explain to them that because the new little one is in one of the first child development stages, he needs a lot of attention.


They should understand that as he grows, he will take up less of your time. It's a good idea to have the other children help to take care of the baby. Even the smallest toddler can bring you a diaper, tub of baby wipes or even peek in and check on the baby. Involve your kids and reassure them that your child parent relationships are intact, rather than make them feel excluded, unwanted and rejected.

Safe Sibling Rivalry

Just as child parent relationships are constantly changing, so do relationships between siblings. It is always hard to quash sibling rivalry. This is an absolutely normal during one of the child development stages however; it quite often progresses and still exists into adult life.

Many times, an older sibling will do all that he can to make the younger ones feel inept and inadequate. This is never a good thing as the younger kids can begin to develop self esteem problems or even significant signs of depression. It is your job as a parent to ensure that this does not happen and will not be tolerated in your home.

When you see that your eldest child is making the younger ones feel bad by boasting about how good they are at one thing or another, you must see that this stops immediately. You need to praise the eldest for his accomplishments but tell the child something about each of the other children at which they excel.

It could be anything at all such as “Billy picks up his toys faster”, “Jenny is the quickest to answer when I call her” or “Bobby always gets his homework done on time”. The specifics as to what the child is really good at doesn't really matter so long as you make it a point to brag about how great the other kids are.

Once the eldest child understands that you are equally proud of your children and one is not better than the other, any intense sibling rivalry will cease. Responsible parenting is all about raising all your kids equally and lovingly.

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