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Former beauty queen, Mutya Laxa-Buensuesco had been recently interviewed by Inquirer about her new hobby as an entrepreneur or “mompreneur”. She is now known as a designer of products for children which was fueled by her love for their children and how to best provide them their needs.

Moms as Natural Inventors
According to a New York Times article, “If These Moms Can't Find It, They Invent It,” this attributes the rise of mompreneurs to the Internet and social media, which allow mothers to exchange ideas or conduct business without having to leave the house.

“Inventing is also a means of channeling energy for ambitious career women who suddenly find themselves changing diapers and searching for lost sippy cups,” wrote NYT. Women traditionally do the shopping in the family, but if they can't find what they like, they create it themselves.

Such is the story of Mutya and her merchandise, Spinkie. A second-generation beauty queen (her mother Alice Crisostomo was Mutya ng Pilipinas in 1970), Mutya held the same title from 1990 to 1992 (Mutya ng Pilipinas was interrupted by the Gulf War in 1991). She then worked in marketing for local and multinational companies. Her last post was global brand director for Pond's in Unilever's regional office in Singapore.

Like most first-time parents, according to latest parenting Philippines news, Mutya and her husband, artist/furniture designer Genesis “Jinggoy” Buensuceso, wanted to give the best for their baby. However, of the plethora of baby products they purchased, only a handful were useful but were found wanting in style.

While living in Singapore, Mutya did all her research and established her network through the Internet. The mother then developed products according to the needs of her daughter. She set up criteria: functional, fashionable, fun and user-friendly. She refers to them as “enablers” that allow parents to look after their children without too much fuss.

Balancing Career with Family
Like with all working mothers, according to latest Philippines Lifestyle news, there is still the challenge of balancing business and family life even if Mutya is home-based.

“You don't know when to stop, especially doing business online. I deal with people in other countries with different time zones. When I feed Malaya, I'm checking my phone which is linked to my e-mail,” she says. Mutya can take breaks to be with her children. Likewise, they instinctively know when not to disturb her while working. Her design business is also a way to teach children color, texture and fabric.

In the evening, there are rituals such as storytelling, cuddling or tickling their toes. “It sounds petty, but we look forward to it,” she says. For more information visit to our site at

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