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Does your teenage child goes to bed late daily?

Do fights and arguments are a daily part of your life because of late sleeping habits of your teenage child?

Why do the young children stay up late night?

You need to understand that there are some scientific reasons why teens stay up till late. A hormone called “melatonin” is released by our body which helps us to sleep. In an adult body, the hormone is released at around 10 pm while in teenagers, it is delayed by 3 hours. Hence, the teenage children go not feel sleepy when their parents sleep. So, it is normal for your teen child to stay up late because melatonin gets released later in them.

Why does the hormone release gets delayed?

This is a difficult question to answer. It is found that as the adolescent watch television or play video games, there can be a delay in the release of the hormone. As computer games are played by children, the release of the “darkness hormone” gets delayed.

What are the factors that cause late bed times in children?

Most of the children play games at night or play video games. Some adolescent spend time talking or chatting with their friends. Young children get addicted to social networks like Facebook and Twitter and chat with their friends late night.

What effect does the late release have on the teen's body?

As the hormone gets released, the teenage children fall asleep late at night. The adolescent need minimum 8-9 hours of sleep. According to this, the child should sleep at around 10 PM if he has to wake up at 7 AM. But as melatonin gets released around 1 PM, the children sleep late and they have to wake up early as they have to go to schools and colleges. Most of the adolescent get inadequate sleep during night. It makes the children stressed and restless.

So, how to make the children sleep early?

This is a good question, but has no specific answer. There is no “magic wand” which can make the adolescent sleep early. The parents can set the rules and the effective consequences for the sleeping hours of the adolescent. The success of the pre-defined rules would depend on your negotation skills and your relationship with your child.

Most of the teenagers find it difficult to go to bed before 10 PM. Parents should understand the hormonal changes in the teenager child's body. Though it is very important for the teens to get 9 hours of sleep every night, it is difficult for the teens to sleep early. The parents should set reasonable rules for the sleeping time of the adolescent. On the other hand, you can make restrictions on the limited use of mobile phones, Internet and television or restrict the use of these techs during the late hours.

Make the child stick to the same sleeping timings during the weekends and holidays also. A few hours of extra sleep is acceptable, but make sure that the rules are followed properly.

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