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Father's day is a special festival for fathers all over the world. On that day, you should do something to show your love and appreciate to father. Different country has different ways of celebrating father's day. All the ways are related to gift, dinner or other activities. In this warm season, what kind of gift should you prepare for your father?

1. A comfortable shirt
A beautiful style shirt is not good as a comfortable one. For the elderly, heath is the best fashion. So, you can buy a comfortable shirt to father which could show your consideration. But please note that you should buy a right size.

2. Most elderly men have vision problems. You can take your father to make a vision checkup and buy a pair of comfortable glasses for him. The glasses should be in good quality. Or you can apply for a health card for him. The elderly is always in bad health condition. You should take him to make a physical examination at least once a year.

3. No matter how busy you are on that day, spend more time to stay with your father. Most people are afraid of loneliness especially for the elderly. When you grow up, because of the work, you spend little to stay with parents. But on father's day, you should call off all the activities, go home earlier and stay with your father. I believe that this is the best gift for him.

4. Cook for your father
It is mum who cooks for us every day. But in father' day, let mum have a rest. You can buy some father's favorite food and cook for him by yourself. No matter your cooking skill is good or not, they will feel happy. The dishes will taste different which is full of your sweet love for him.

5. Most elderly people like to nurture plants and flowers in their leisure time. So, you can choose to send him the seeds, potted plants or gardening tools. If they love cats or dogs, you can also send him a pet which could be a good partner.

6. If you are far away from your father can't go home on father's day, you can still do something special for him. You can take up your dv and record a piece of video for your father. In this video, you can tell your father what you want to say, you can show him your current life, you can show your own family members and so on. When they miss you, they will take out the video. It seems like that you are at his side. If you recorded the video and want to know how to convert avi to mov on mac, you can click for more information.

All above ideas are useful on father's day. But when they become old day after day, what they need is your consideration. We should put more love on our great father.

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