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Kids Gotta Play's new program by the name of Play It Forward has started the initiative to help a local charity. The program offers children the opportunity of playing all day long at its New Hudson location. The money that they get as a result of children visiting the location is then donated to the local charity.

The weekends bring out the real fun time for kids at this playground at the New Hudson. Starting at 10 a.m. the place opens for an all-day long play until 6 p.m. just as its name says Kids Gotta Play. Parents can take their little ones to explore the commercial playground equipment that offers a number of attractive and entertaining options, including four spring free trampolines, more than a dozen assembled rainbow play sets which are available in different sizes, and half a dozen basketball hoops. The little ones can play from morning till evening without getting bored.

From March onwards, the place would start the charitable cause and families who bring their kids would not only be treating their little ones to a fun weekend but also doing it for a good cause. The donation starts from one dollar and goes up to as much as the families wish to contribute. Kids can play in the warmth of a 12,000 square-foot heated play area and the money that their parents contribute would be as delightful for Make-A-Wish foundation as well as other local charities.

The owner of Kids Gotta Play Dave Byrum said that they work regularly with this charity. In his own words, “We regularly work with Make-A-Wish and thought it a great idea to give back to this and potentially other charities through our Play It Forward program.”He added that many parents are not aware of the fact that the showroom stays open during the weekdays as well. The cost per child for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is $5 for an all day long playtime. He said that parents are always on the lookout for places for their children to play, especially in winters. “We talk to so many parents and know that they're always looking for new places to play especially during winter months,” Byrum says.

Parents are allowed to supervise their children to ensure that they don't get injured or hurt themselves in the excitement of playing. He also said that parents are responsible for supervising their kids who are allowed to play as long as they like.

There are two major things to gain from the open play. They not only provide a breather from cabin fever as well as an excellent opportunity for the entire families to have a play set at their disposal which allows them to see what playground equipment attracts their kids the most when it comes to their leisure activity time. When kids come to play on the weekdays, the place allows them to test drive the play sets as well. In his own words, “Coming to play during weekday showroom hours allows kids to test drive our play sets. Parents are always interested to see what their children like best.”

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