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When an average worker thinks of employment agencies, two job areas usually come to mind: temporary clerical work and day labor. Nowadays, that's all changed. There are employment agencies for all sorts of professional fields: law, engineering, education, and aviation. There are now even employment agencies that are extending into offering assistance with placement into nanny jobs.

Nanny jobs used to be one of those professions that were only advertised by word of mouth within wealthy, aristocratic circles, and by a few select “bricks and mortar” agencies in expensive East coast cities like Boston. The explosion of the internet and affordable high tech gadgets such as smart phones, today's highly mobile and flexible work force, and relatively affordable airfares, means that nannies and nanny jobs can be found from the comfort of your home in Fairbanks, Alaska or from Lawrence, Kansas. Interviews can be held through a combination of email exchanges, telephone calls, and even by free Skype video calls. Background checks can be carried out online, as well as credit checks, for a relatively small price. Candidates and employers can scan and email contracts back and forth, legally and securely. Checks can be deposited through online banking services or through PayPal, and nannies, children, and parents can communicate with each other instantaneously through text messages.

Likewise, employment agencies don't need to be located in any particular physical space in order to do their jobs well for their clients and for their nannies. Reputable online nanny employment agencies use sophisticated search and match algorithms to coordinate available nanny jobs with potential candidates. Customers can check up on the company's reputation by reading consumer reviews, or even by reading online forums run and populated by professional nannies themselves.

Still, just because nanny jobs can be found through an employment agency, a prospective nanny needs to prepare her resume just as thoroughly as she would for any other professional position. Experience, some kind of formal educational training, either in the form of a degree or as a collection of useful child and home economics courses, and good references are an absolute must to get a decent nanny job. Employers still have to do their homework when interviewing a candidate, and question each prospective nanny closely about her personality, her experience, her career ambitions and her philosophy of childcare and child discipline.

A good nanny employment agency will offer legitimate nanny jobs, not just use your details for spamming or phishing, or to generate click-through ad revenues for itself. It should have resources available both to parents and to job hunters, and it should be clear about who owns it and where the company is physically and legally based. Both job hunters looking for nanny jobs and families looking for nannies should do some basic research to see if the company is reputable, and send at least one personal email to the agency with a question to see if a legitimate reply is sent, or just a canned message with no further follow up.

Employment agencies are expanding into the domestic help market more and more, as parents get busier and busier, and the parents of these parents get older and older. Some nanny jobs may even eventually transition into elder care, once the children don't need a nanny but the grandparents might need a live-in companion. In short, families need to outsource their own traditional roles within the family, just to keep the family together.

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