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My 2-year old son often behaves irrationally. Sometimes, he plays in the bath room with his toys or climbs up on the dining table. It is frustrating to see him doing crazy things and I go mad handling him. There should be some way of tackling toddlers. I searched for some solutions on the Internet and discovered new ways to deal with my little one.

It is normal for the children to get frustrated because of several things. The parents should understand the toddler tantrums. If your kids has two tantrums a week, it's okay if you do not take it seriously. But if it exceeds the limit, you should find some ways which help you deal with your toddler's tantrums.

When you have a toddler at home, you won't be able to relax for a minute. Toddlers can discover dangerous places and objects every now and then. So, being a parent or caregiver, you need to be always after them. The parents should ensure that their child is at a safe place all the time. Keep sharp edges and knives away from the kids.

If your child is in the middle of a tantrum, there would be no benefit of arguing at that time. It would be of no help. Hence, you should stay calm till the child gets back to normal. The children gets into a tantrum when he is upset or angry and hence, parents should stay calm. Shouting and yelling at your child would do no good to both of you. Parents should give the kid some space so that he gets back to normal.

Another way to calm down your kids is to distract him. It is a good anti-tantrum weapon which can be used by the parents. Divert the child's attention and see the difference. Every child demands different way to handle their tantrums.

Humor can also be used to deal with your child's anger. Once you tell him a joke or put on the cartoon channel, you would be surprised to see that the child enjoys that and you both would start giggling together. Try this method for your kids and see if it works.

Many parents set the limits for their child to control them. You can also do the same. Set the rules and the consequences. This works for the children of all the ages. Stick to one or two rules for behavior at a time and that too for a longer period. If you change the rules frequently, the toddler is likely to get confused.

If your little kids bangs the doors or throws things, explain him that it is an unacceptable behavior which is unexpected. Give them an idea of your expectations too. Lengthy explanations should be avoided as toddlers are too young to understand them. Spend some good time with your child watching a cartoon movie or reading stories for him. This helps to strengthen the family bonds. Praise your child when he behaves well. You can also reward the child when he obeys you and fulfills your expectations.

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