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Are you a new first time dad? If so, you are likely going through a big change in your life. Sleep deprivation, budget fears, and a messy house can cause a lot of added stress at this time in your life. Besides all this, there is always a constant question of “do I need this as a new dad?” Below, we will discuss essential gear items for the first time dad.

First of all, a new baby will bring loads of crying and not a lot of sleeping at night. To keep your sanity in tact, you will want to invest in a few items that will help your little one, you and your wife sleep a little better at night. I am a big fan of bed-height bassinets. These cribs have an opening that fits right up against your bed and allows a seamless transition from your wife to the bassinet without having to get up. They are especially handy if your wife is nursing in the night, as she can just reach in and grab the baby without really even disturbing your sleep. You will still need to get up to change dirty diapers in the night, and that leads us to essential gear item number 2, a changing table.

The changing table is basically your work bench. Customize your table with all the tools you will need to change loads of dirty diapers. A solid chaning table will allow you to strap your baby down, keep all your items within arms reach, and will be right about waist high so you don't have to strain your back bending over to change dirty diapers. But what do you do with the smelly, foul diapers after you change them?

Enter essential gear item number 3: a diaper genie. You won't be getting much sleep if you have to smell a foul diaper all night. Diaper Genies lock in the foul odor so your room and house don't end up smelling like a port-a-potty.

These are just 3 essential gear items for a new dad. There are others that will help with meal time, nap time, and bath time. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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