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Protective Parenting Styles Can Lead to Sneaking and Lying from Your Toddlers, Kids or Teens!

With simple access to the web, mobile phone and computer games, exactly what is the most convenient method to produce an environment that will protect our future adults and yet permit them the freedom to be who they are, which is a kid being raised in the age of high tech? Although I think many parents just provide a cellular phone once their child could speak, there are some moms or dads who are on the complete contrary end of the spectrum. These are moms and dads who are so overprotective that they enable their kids a tiny bit of access to any social media or mobile phone, very minute limited access, if any at all.

The fact is your child or teen will have access to their buddies' cellular phone and PCs. They do and will access the internet with or without your help, so if you are there regulating every little thing they do, you are in fact developing an environment for them to be obligated to lie to you and sneaking around. Now you develop lying, sneaky thiefs.

Below are a few easy ideas from my partner Thomas to help you create the proper environment so you all will get exactly what you want.

  • Find out exactly what is very important to your kid or tween. This is the fuel you require to inspire your child or tween to learn life essential skills like doing their homework and keeping clean their personal spaces. This is their fuel.
  • Allow your kid the chance to earn their rewards, starting with 30 minutes at a time on Facebook, or on a cell on the weekends, or on the computer for being impressive in the household and beyond the home. If you have younger kids have it be part of the bargain that you have access to all passwords. This implies you could see exactly what is going on without them even understanding. This grants everyone full transparency and honesty.
  • You can secure your kid or teen best by teaching them life skills on exactly what is suitable habits online and what is not. Create a contract with him/her about your requirements while utilizing technology and understand that these are privileges they are making by abiding by what is very important to you, the mom or dad.
  • Always offer your child 3 parent approved decisions for choices. For instance you might offer, “After your homework and chores are completely done, the method I demonstrated to you the best ways to do them, do you choose to play for 30 minutes on Facebook, play for 30 minutes on a game, or go to the park?” As quickly as your kid offers the preference, they feel like a winner since they seem as if you let them make the decision, although it was for only 30 mins. You let them make the choice…from the 3 Parent Approved Decisions!!!
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