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Positive affirmations have many uses and purposes. One is that they help you feel better about yourself. They help in creating a more positive attitude towards achieving particular goals in life. Positive affirmations are not only for grown-ups and adults. There are also positive affirmations for children that help empower them and mold more favorable attitude in them.

What Positive Affirmations Are For

These positive statements tell us what we can possibly become and what we can likely experience in life. These affirmations help us on focusing our life on the things we want to achieve. Effective use of affirmations can evoke positive and useful emotions in us. The energy evoked by our emotions attracts similar things.

Why Affirmations Work For Children

Positive affirmations have an immense functionality on young children because these youngsters can still remember their inner power. Their young minds are still not confounded with many complications and difficulties in life. They can readily and easily accept the suggestions made and offered by affirmations.

Our mind is like a computer that processes every input. Our expectations and beliefs are built by the suggestions and thoughts we give regularly to ourselves, so do with children. The young child's mind is particularly active that thousands of thoughts run in it each day.

How Affirmations Help Children

Speaking affirmations directly to the children can help build their vocabulary and can empower them. Children especially love to hear being told of their abilities and worth, particularly from people they cherish and love.

Confidence Building

For example, a child is worried about an upcoming test, teaches the child to repeat affirmations like 'I am going to do well'. Through this, the mind will shift from worry to confidence. It can affect his/her actions.

Getting Over Fear And Depression

A child will occasionally feel fearful, worried and depressed due to the thoughts he/she is thinking. These are negative thoughts such as thinking that nobody will like him/her or he/she will fail the test that are perceived by children as auditory messages. These negative thoughts are like annoying inner voices, which we should help our children to overcome by using words of power.

How To Create Positive Affirmations For Children

Create empowering affirmations by always stating them positively. Instead of saying 'I am not dumb', tell the child to recite 'I am smart'. This way, the child's mind will be focused on what he/she wants; instead of what he/she does not want.

Say and write affirmations as if they are already of existence. Use present tense rather than future tense. An example is 'I am an obedient child' instead of 'I will be an obedient child'. The use of future tense in affirmations will not create the results desired because the subconscious mind and the universe are known to create reality based on what you presently have.

Emphasize on the phrase 'I am'. Encourage the little children to use affirmations that build self-esteem such as “I am helpful', 'I am creative', etc. Reinforce these 'I am' statements by speaking to the children. Substitute 'You are' for 'I am'.

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