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Happy Hippo Preschool (1401 Anaheim Boulevard)

Its programs, facilities, mentors and surroundings are very suitable for children. They have three programs which cater to children who are between 6 weeks to 6 years old. Their programs focus on the following areas of child development: physical, spiritual, language, creative, emotional and social. An interesting fact about their curriculum is that it is in accordance to the researches of the Early Childhood Theorists so it is assured that your child is going to have a great learning experience.

If you have already decided to take your child here, you can download the registration forms online. After filling them out, you can send the form through e-mail or bring it personally to the daycare center. Another mode of contacting them is for you to contact their hotline and the staff will be glad to accommodate you.

Children's Station Anaheim YMCA (100 S. Atchinson)

This daycare in Anaheim incorporates the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility to aim and promote youth development. The goal of its five programs, intended to children who are up to six years of age, is to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally prior to entering primary school. Apart from nurturing the minds of the kids, the daycare also prioritizes their health by giving them nutritious meals daily.

Registration to any of its programs is made easy since it can be done online. Just log on to their website, click the sign up button to start your registration and follow the instructions stipulated on every page.

Childtime (1000 South State College Boulevard)

Its 10 programs cater to kids of different ages. The curriculum in every program is specialized for the development and progress of your child for it enhances their motor, critical thinking and problem solving skills. They can also have fun while learning new things in the daycare center. With its competent and experienced teachers, the tuition that you are going to pay is worth it.

For instance, if your daughter is four years of age, you can enroll her to the Skill Builders Program. Its curriculum is concentrating on these skills and development: motor, language, imaginative and social. Throughout the learning process, she gets to experience group games and activities with children of her age, to learn how to make crafts, to familiarize her with the letters of the alphabet, and to write and speak. If you plan to enroll your child here, you can now go to the Childtime daycare in Anaheim.

Miss Muffet's Playhouse (2229 East Lincoln Avenue)

This center caters to children who are aged between 2 to 12 years. Children will get to be involved in various activities in order for them to enhance their motor and communication skills. Furthermore, the fact that it can only accommodate up to 35 children, the daycare is a good and conducive place for your children to be well taken care of. During their stay in the center, kids will also be provided with healthy meals.

Another great service being offered in this daycare in Anaheim is that it provides transportation to and from elementary schools within the city. If you plan to bring your child here, you can do so during weekdays, from 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

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