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No two children are same and are blessed with special qualities. Every child is rewarded with special qualities so the only piece of advice is that instead of bringing in changes in artificial way, it's good to flow things flawlessly and this is likely to make a guardian witness magical results!

When child of two-three, when he can barely talk, make all gestures through physical movement suddenly begin chanting sacred mantras, there's something special that has to be explored further. But this does not mean that in order to explore things and take a child's interest and extra ordinary capabilities reward new recognition, you as a guardian, have to compel your child to follow things in any way.

It's been seen that in order to enable a child stretch a bit and take that extra mile, they somehow end up creating mess for him/her. Well, this certainly is not the right way. Kids these days are becoming smarter day by day, so let them have their own individuality. Do not corrode their individuality by adding in pinch of your creativity; let them be the way as they are blessed with almighty. Let the right time come, things will automatically settle down the way it should ideally be. Even if you have a child with special needs, there's nothing bad about it. All that has to be done is just be a slight more conscious, take care of what all he needs as neglecting this might turn upside down. Remember your child needs you, and as long as you are with him/her, he would beat all sort of obstacles in life.

No two children are same, every child is blessed with special qualities, all that you as a guardian need to do is keep a check over each and every movement of your child, give him the right exposure so that he can enjoy happy colours in his life. You need to work on his social skills so that he never gets to feel awkward in any scenario and counter the world in such a way that he sets the benchmark and becomes an exemplar for many others.

There's nothing to raise the expectation bar or feel disappointed in any way. There's a right way for everything and a few things look best when they are not made up artificially. So the bottom line is make your child live in a carefree free, but yes do polish up his/her skills in such a way that the child never feels subordinated or inferior in any way.

Last, if you happen to observe something special in your child, all that has to be done is just give him some time, let things flow freely and this will make you observe magical difference.

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