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Preparing for the kid they come in 9 months could take a lot of effort, as well as money, and according to many parenting experts, many new parents have made the mistake of taking this “preparation” too far and too expensive.

According to many parenting Philippines experts, new parents can become overly excited about the child to come that they would usually, absent-mindedly, buy things that they would later regret. Here are some popular examples of the kinds of things that overly excited new parents would usually do in preparation of their coming first born:

Preparing the Baby's Room

Baby's room, that's one of the many things that well-off couples would usually think about when a baby is coming. But is it really worth it? According to many parenting experts, many parents have regretted making their baby's room. Part of the reason why is because of Filipino culture. Although foreign countries have been known to prepare their own baby's room, Filipinos would usually let their babies stay with them in their rooms.

Many of those who start to practice this foreign culture usually ends up abandoning the room and letting their baby stay in their own rooms, practically between them. And with this, new parents have regretted spending on making their baby's room.

Buying a Crib and Baby Clothes

Another thing that many parents have regretted is buying all sorts of baby clothes as well as a crib, which all are known to be very expensive.

One of the many things that overly excited new parents do once they learned about the gender of their child is buying them a crib and bunch of baby clothes, which are normally very expensive. What do they don't know is that babies would quickly outgrow their baby clothes in a month of months, whilst their crib will only be useful until their second or third birthday.

According to many Philippines Lifestyle experts, the best way for this is accept hand-me-downs from relatives. This way, parents can save up for clothes once their child had grown and that they wouldn't have to have the problem on where to store their child's crib once they have out-grown it. For more information visit to our site at

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