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When you begin your position with a family as a nanny, your initial days will involve lots of learning for everyone. Getting to know both children and parents is important, and it's just as important for you to feel comfortable in the new environment as it is for your clients to feel comfortable with you. Having a bag of activities can be a vital tool for relationship building. It's important for nannies in Los Angeles to take an active role in thinking of things to do with the children to nurture a positive relationship.

Story books are perfect to include in your activity bag. Young children love stories, and favorites will become evident quickly. Not only is this a tool for passing time, but it provides an opportunity to provide educational development. With very small children, board books provide shape and figure or color identification. Toddlers and preschoolers can learn letters and numbers in story form. Rhyming books are interesting for youngsters. Asking the children questions develops thinking skills. You don't have to spend money, either. The public library is an excellent resource for nannies in Los Angeles, and if your client is comfortable with it, you can take older children to the library in the span of your duties.


Simple games can provide interesting tools for nannies in Los Angeles to use with older children. These will allow for interaction, perfect for relationship building. Children may have their own games, but it's always fun to bring along your own favorites. Dominoes and playing cards are great tools for playing simple games with older children. Math skills are enhanced through many such activities. With younger children, some of the old favorites are the best for nannies in Los Angeles to keep in their activity bags. Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, and Memory are always appropriate.

Sorting is a fun activity for young children, and there are lots of play sets that lend themselves to sorting. Plastic animals, blocks, or shape sets are great for allowing children to organize and sort. Nannies in Los Angeles can incorporate questioning skills to enhance the interaction and educational benefit of sorting. What do these animals have in common? Which shapes are the same colors? Why did you put these in a group? These are all great ways to get to know the children better, and at the same time you will be stimulating thinking.

Some of the most skilled nannies in Los Angeles are those that have a great variety of activities and ideas for providing the children in their care with the opportunity to get to know them. They keep some favorites on hand, and they rotate some surprises into their collection. Providing a sense of interest, nannies in Los Angeles can establish a standard of excellence and a sense of expectation that keeps their relationships with their clients exciting.

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