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There is a big debate on the subject of parental cell phone monitoring because increasing numbers of parents are making use of applications that help them have detailed information about what their kids are doing online. If you have kids who spend a great deal of time on their cell phones then you too might very likely be concerned about who they are interacting with and what the natures of the interactions are. However, this certainly raises ethical issues and it also gives rise to the potential of added conflict with the child.

There is no doubt about the fact that kids these days indulge in a lot of risky behavior when they use their cell phones. It is all too common for kids to send sexually explicit pictures of themselves to others and to forward pictures of other people to their circle of friends. Kids also use their phones to chat with people who might turn out to be predators. These devices are also used for bullying and stalking other people. Advocates of parental cell phone monitoring use these examples to say that kids do need a lot of supervision and protection because they are certainly not capable of making the right decisions on their own all of the time.

If you want to do away with parental cell phone monitoring entirely because you do not want to spy on your kids then you might actually be putting them in harm's way. There are quite a few options of cell phone monitoring software that you can choose from. If you feel uncomfortable about reading all of your child's text messages, you could at least opt to view all the media that are sent through the phone. Another alternative could be to block certain keywords or phrases so that you do not have to read the messages in order to monitor their content. If your child has a smart phone then you could use software to block access to certain sites.

If you have an open relationship with your child and enjoy a good level of communication then you ought to talk to him or her about the parental cell phone monitoring controls that you are using. This will also work as a deterrent, thereby helping you avoid embarrassing confrontations at a later date. You certainly owe it to your child to protect him or her from a variety of dangerous situations.

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