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Sharing is caring. This is one of the biggest lessons that we have learnt since our childhood. However, we understand the true meaning of it only when we grow. Are you worried because your child has the habit of not sharing his toys with other children? This is not only the case with your child, but at the same time, it is the case with every other child. Psychologically they are possessive over their toys, and they fear that if they share, these might no longer belong to them. It is your duty as a parent to teach your child the values of sharing from a very initial age.

Well, it is absolutely not so easy to teach your child about sharing, especially when it is the case of toys. You might also notice that when you have taught your child about sharing with other children, they might end up in fights. In addition to that, most children do not have any knowledge about the concept of “mine” and “yours”, and therefore, they think that whenever it comes to sharing, it no longer belongs to them. You would have to set up different stages, and in each stage, you would teach your children about the basics of sharing.


You can ask your child to select some of the most favorite toys, and set them aside before other children come to play. The other children can play with the other toys, and in course of time, your child will overcome the fear of loss of those other toys that were shared with other children. You can also explain your child about taking turns, and accordingly each child can get the turn to play with different toys of your child. You should also explain that all the toys work the same, and your child would get the turn, as well.

Sharing can also be inculcated in day to day life. It is better not to start with toys, but with other possession of your child. When things are shared on a day to day basis, your child would definitely get the confidence that there is no fear of sharing the toys with other children, as well. In course of time, you will find that your child has practiced and acquired the skill of sharing, and it would no more be a problem for you to handle your kids with other children. Moreover, you can also teach good values in him.

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