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Babysitting jobs once thought to be the sole domain of teenage girls and old grannies are now hotly sought-after positions in today's rough economy. Working parents are more and more stressed, working longer and harder hours, and are frequently expected to be on call during hours outside the typical daycare center schedule. Other parents are tired of their kids constantly getting sick from too much contact with other sick children at daycare centers. Or, as is sometimes the case, the children of these very same parents are forbidden from participating in daycare because of an illness. This leaves the working parent vulnerable, and in need of reliable, professional babysitters who can show up at a moment's notice.

Babysitting jobs allow unemployed and under-employed (those people working below the desired number of hours, or working beneath their level of expertise) the chance to not only make extra money, but also to enjoy a flexible working environment in which they can continue to research job opportunities while the children are safely occupied doing other things. It also develops a worker's network of contacts, as by virtue of the fact that their clients are all in need of babysitters because they themselves are employed.

Furthermore, babysitting jobs are hot these days because babysitting not only allows flexibility in working hours, it also offers a physically comfortable environment. Rather than being on one's feet all day, doing manual labor, cleaning, or busing tables, babysitters can remain fairly sedentary most of the time. Meals might even be included in exchange for preparing them for the children. Babysitters of course, also benefit from being in a relaxed and quiet home environment, rather than in a busy, hectic, high-pressured office, noisy factory, or outside in the cold.

Some unemployed workers might feel a sense of shame or embarrassment in taking babysitting jobs, but there is absolutely no reason to feel this way. Babysitters are an extremely important component of a family's life, and to be a reliable, professional, kind and supportive babysitter not only helps the children but also the parent. A good babysitter who is willing to go the extra mile may make all the difference for a busy working mother who is trying to get ahead in her career, or merely doing whatever she can just to hang onto her job. If she doesn't have to keep begging off work and important projects because she has an inadequate support system of babysitters, she is more likely to have a chance at promotions and their accompanying salary hikes. Being that good babysitter for a family can literally lead to everyone involved getting richer!

Likewise, it's not only single mothers who need quality babysitters. With today's statistics indicating that one out of every two marriages fails at some point, it means that there is lot of single dads around with shared custody of their children. These working dads, who also usually need to work extra hard to pay their child support, also have to be available at their jobs in order to maintain their positions and uphold their responsibilities to their children. Having a quality babysitter who is trusted and can be available at short notice may make or save a man's career at exactly the time that he needs it most. So before you dismiss babysitting jobs as “beneath you,” just remember what a great service you can provide to families, vulnerable children, and even more vulnerable fellow workers. Babysitting jobs are hot, and they're here to stay. After all, children are something we're always making more of!

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