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Becoming a mother is one of the experiences that a woman always cherishes. It is a time of mixed emotions of joy, happiness, excitement and worry too. As a mother you want to the best for your newborn but you need to believe the fact that you are new mom too. So you too would take time to adjust to this new phase of your life. During this time you need all the support and care so don't shy away from asking for it. You may ask for help and guidance from your mother or mon-in-law or any experienced mother you know. However, don't blindly follow whatever they tell you as too much of interference might not be good as well. Here are few tips that would help new moms take care of their newborns in the initial stage of motherhood.

At the hospital

You may have had either a normal or a cesarean baby based on which your stay and your baby's stay in the hospital is decided. Once you are ready to leave the hospital with your little one it is important to check on a few things would help you take care of baby in the initial weeks.

  • How to figure out that your baby is hungry
  • How frequently should you feed the baby
  • How to breastfeed correctly
  • The proper way to bathe your little one
  • What are the precautions that you need to take for your health.
  • The date of the checkup for your baby and yourself.
  • The contact details of the pediatrician.
  • Any other essential tips that may be helpful.

At Home

Bringing the baby home is a great and an awesome feeling. It is a good idea to make your home baby-ready beforehand as it gives you more time to concentrate on the baby rather than the essentials for him/her.

It is always better to buy the baby essentials like diapers, cot, pram, clothes, soap, powder, cream and baby oil before you reach home so that you don't have to run around once home. Seek your partner's or a guardian's help for the same.

  • You would take some time to settle and so would your baby. Be prepared for the initial unsettling days and don't panic.
  • It may be difficult for handling your baby alone in the first few weeks, so seek support from any family member like your spouse, mom, or mom-in-law.
  • Do not try being a superwoman and handle everything single handedly.
  • Take care of your health and do not neglect it. A healthy mother would only be take care of the baby well.
  • You need a proper diet so make it a point to have nutritious meals. If you can't manage to cook then ask a family member to do so or get a cook.
  • You may feel exhausted, tired, nervous at times which is termed as baby-blues. Don't worry it is just a phase that most women go through and you too would scale through.
  • A newborn brings joy to family and friends and all would want to meet her. However it is perfectly fine for you to decide when and how frequently you want them to visit. They say a mother knows what is best for the baby, so decide accordingly.
  • Your baby would take time to adjust to a sleeping pattern. To ease that you can turn off the hone ringers and any loud sound around so that your little one is comfortable and can sleep well.
  • The social media is now loaded with groups and forums that can help new mothers. Join such groups and share your experience and queries. You would surely find a lot of support.

A newborn truly brings a lot of joy and happiness and as a mother you always want the best for your little one. Please understand as a new mom you would also take some time to lean and adjust and it is OK. The catch is not to panic and also not to go overboard. Take it easy and enjoy the moments.

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