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Now days every eatable things become poisoned not too much but poison is harmful for health. Brick by brick poison effects and destroy your immune system. Which is very dangerous thing for human body. So, its become necessary to choose vegetable carefully, especially for children. Kid's Immune system is too soft, because they are in process to become strong. Today, fast food replaces many good and healthy foods which is beneficial for health. Fast food is very easy to prepare. That's why many busy parents recommend fast food at the place of vegetable or any other food.

Many parents don't know that why fast food is harmful for health. Here are some reasons -:

Fast food contain very high percentage of sugar which is cause of obesity and very harmful for diabetes patients.

It also contain very high amount of Salt which cause high blood sugar.

It contain bad cholesterol which is very bad for health.

It contain many chemicals which is harmful for health, fast food also contain very high percentage of fats.

So now you understand that why fast food is harmful for health. Avoid Fast food instead of healthy food. This article contain fitness nutrition tips which is necessary for your kids. Some healthy eating tips for kids are here:-

Breakfast is a very necessary meal for kids because kid's body store very small amount of energy thats why they need breakfast in the morning.

Kids are picky eater so serve him lots of different foods every day, variety is the recipe for good health.

Give him fruits and vegetables to eat with each meal and as tasty snacks.

Too much saturated fat is not good for your kids health so avoid it.

Drink water at regular basis. Because Water is the best drink.

Force your kid for outdoor game instead of computer or playstation's game.

These tips are harmless follow these tips. These tips are very easy to apply, even adult can use these tips and live healthy life. These tips are very common but what a irony situation that many parent didn't know about it. Become responsible for your family and choose right thing which is better for your family.

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