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One parenting style that parents are likely demonstrating to their child is the authoritarian parenting. You possibly will not admit it but you could possibly be raising your child as an authoritarian parent. Can this type of parenting cause positive results like a disciplined boy or girl? This short article will give you an insight if this is an effective way of bringing up children.

The parenting style that the parent uses in taking care of their children may have a direct effect on the behavior of the child. Parents would want their child to behave accordingly. A father or mother can be more difficult in setting boundaries and expectations while being less responsive or less caring in raising their child. A mother or father in this instance is the authoritarian type.

Authoritarian parents use threat and punishment as a method of disciplining. The parent is characterized as strict, with high expectations of obedience to parental rules. Discipline is enforced and physical methods like spanking can normally be applied. Utilizing this style, parents are requiring the child to follow strictly sets of rules.


With the strict concurrence to discipline, kids brought up with this particular parenting style might appear to be well-behaved and are efficient at obeying authority. A child is capable of showing decent behaviors in the house and in public venues. One of many reasons is that the child behaves on the standards set by the parents due to concern about being punished.

Research has shown this parenting approach is inadequate and harmful over time. A young child reared by authoritarian parents may have tendencies toward anger and depression. Since the authoritative parent is exhibiting substantially less warmness, the child will generally be more edgy as he or she gets older. He or she will feel certain degree of hatred to his or her parents. A child can have an unhappy disposition. It is common that the child have a low self-esteem. He or she can become introverted and often will show antisocial behavior. When this child becomes a grown-up, because of the experiences of physical discipline like spanking, it is likely that he will hit his spouse and child as well. It is also likely that depressive symptoms could be developed as the child grows.

On the surface, it may look like authoritarian parenting could lead to well-behaved children. While using principle of threat and punishment applied in disciplining the child, it can control the kid from demonstrating bad behaviors. But thinking about the larger picture, it is unhealthy for children as it will negatively impact the social and psychological well-being of the child. This parenting style is absolutely not advocated to be employed by parents in bringing up their child.

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