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Becoming a parent for the first time can be such a daunting experience. If you haven't had experience with a newborn, then you will find that when this little bundle of joy is born, you have no idea what they are crying for, you are scared of their size and that they may break and you may find that regular daily chores become harder as you try and juggle welcoming your new baby home and your life.

A maternity nurse agency is the best option when looking for a nurse, who can provide you with all the information, advice and support you need when you bring your new baby home. Using an agency ensures that you hire an experienced nurse, someone with the qualifications they need to put your mind at ease and the experience of working with new parents and helping them manage being new parents and having someone else in the home that needs their constant care and attention.

It it important when thinking of hiring a maternity nurse to identify how many hours a day you want them. These professionals can come in for a few hours or they can work a full day or a full night. Some of these nurses can live on site and be available to you twenty four hours a day if you need them. This is something to consider before you bring baby home, depending on your lifestyle and how soon you will be returning to work. Remember the first few weeks, you will want to bond with your baby and within no time you will grow in confidence in being a new parent.

Speak to the maternity nurse agency about what should be included in the weekly amount you pay of your professional to work for you. If they live on-site then you will be required to provide them with accommodation and food, if they live out and have to travel to you daily, then you will have to also take travelling expenses into consideration. The agency will be able to advise you on the best route to take so that you secure a good nurse that you can rely on and trust.

The focus of any maternity nurse is to make a smooth introduction for new parents. While you are in the hospital, you have nurses on hand who are experienced to assist you, but when you get home you are on your own. So many parents struggle with this transition and when they get home they are besides themselves not really knowing what to do or how to handle certain situations. The nurse can assist with everything from helping you put an effective routine into place to ensuring that you take the necessary breaks you need to relax and take some time out for yourself.

These professionals encourage parent involvement, they boost your confidence when it comes to handling a new born. New borns are so small and it's common to be concerned when it comes to bathing them, feeding them, dressing and changing them. The nurse will be able to guide you, show you how to do things and help you understand what you should and shouldn't be doing.

The maternity nurse will also be able to assist you when it comes to preparing milk feeds, if you are not breast feeding. They will also help you sterilize equipment properly and if you are breastfeeding and returning to work, they will help you prepare your milk so baby can continue to benefit from what your milk provides when you are not around.

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