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Reading is a healthy activity, and there are definitely plenty of benefits of reading. Therefore, a kid should be taught to read from a very young age. Children are fond of different kinds of stories, but often they are unable to read the stories on their own. Therefore, you should read stories to them, so that they enjoy it and gain valuable benefits from the stories. However, since it is your kid, you need to follow a proper technique to read out stories, so that your kid understands what you are trying to communicate exactly and accordingly, if need arises he can also respond to you.

You should try to read to your child on a regular basis, and in course of time, it would enhance the vocabulary of your child. However, before reading out stories, you should try to make a selection. Therefore, you should try to understand what can be interesting to your child. If you read stories on the basis of the interests of your kid, it is natural that it would stick the attention of your kid to the story for a long time. Accordingly, his imagination would also be stimulated along with an improvement in the communication skills.


You should read out stories very slowly and softly. Your kid might not be able to understand what exactly the story is trying to convey. In such a case, you should also try to explain the lines in between, so that your kid develops a good idea on the story. Moreover, if possible, you can also repeat the same story for few days, if you find that your kid is showing interest. Following this, you can select another story to read it out to your child. If your kid is unable to decide the kind of books that you should read out, you can select rhymes, while if you think that your child is able to select, you should let him select the story.

However, when you are reading aloud to your kid, you should ensure that you select some fun ways, so that it is enjoyable to your kid. Try to select stories that are available with pictures. Thus, as you read aloud, your child would be able to relate the story with the pictures, and understanding would be easier for your kid. You can try these methods to get effective results.

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