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One of the most difficult tasks, during the time of pregnancy, is searching for a good name for the coming child. There are parents who start searching for biblical baby names right from the moment they come to know about the pregnancy. While every moment of your life becomes exciting with the news of the arrival of a cute little baby, it is always worth your time to prepare a list of best names and pick the right one. Biblical baby names are very popular from ancient times and it is a good idea to derive inspiration from faithful heroes of the Bible.

There are several areas wherein you can search for biblical names and their meanings. The first place to search is the Bible. There is no other book wherein you can draw inspiration on this. Open your bible and prepare a list of faithful heroes. While there are several names which are very popular right from early generations like Abraham, David, Daniel and Jacob, there are certain names which occupy little portion in the Bible. For instance, the portion of Jonathan is not much in the Bible. He was a good friend of David. However, many people like this name.


If you do not have time to search the entire Bible for a list of biblical baby names, the next place to search is the internet. There are several websites on the internet which provide a list of these biblical baby names. You can even get the meaning of the name in a detailed way. Search for a good Christian website which offers a list of popular biblical male names as well as female names. There are few websites which provide you with the demographic information too.

Today, we do not give importance to a name. However, in the ancient Jewish tradition, the name of a person is very important and talks about the character of a person. For instance, Esau was named upon his color, being red and hairy. There are several other names in the Bible like Isaac, Joshua, Moses, Daniel, Jeremiah etc. which all talk about the character of the person. However, in this modern era, you see an opposite side of this tradition most of the time. A person who is named after Andrew, a strong warrior, can be a timid person or a girl named Mary, meaning bitter might be sweet. Names do not decide the character of a person. However, giving biblical baby names to your child reminds you of the faithful heroes of the bible.

In addition, you can check out important information on how to bring up your child in a Christian way. As quoted by King Solomon, it is important to teach your child about the word of God when he is a child so that he will not go astray when he grows up. Being a part of a good Christian website will give access to popular biblical baby names as well as the required guidance to groom in your child in God's way.

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