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Becoming a new mom can be a thing of bliss! However, there are many things on a new mother's mind and lots of new feelings in her heart. Where is a mom to go for help and support? Below are some resources that may answer some questions and reassure the new mother that she is doing a great job.


Consider tending your spiritual life in order to enrich your mothering. Check into the local churches in your community to see what they offer in terms of support. Many churches provide a program called MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers. This program usually offers childcare while the moms have treats/coffee, crafts, mentoring and speakers addressing a variety of parenting topics. Below are some encouraging blogs on this subject:


Be certain to nourish your recovering body, as well as begin to plan how best to feed your growing child. Definitely get outdoors as much as you can and want to. There is nothing like fresh air and a change of scenery! Here are several good homemaking blogs that are very informative:


Take time out of your new routine with baby to connect with other adults. Treat yourself to a lunch with friends every once in awhile. You can discuss the news of the day and other important topics. Choose a few interesting mom blogs that are not only warm and humorous, but that also make you think. Here are a couple:


If possible, learn to journal, or blog, as many mothers are now doing. Writing is a great way to keep yourself emotionally healthy, which is great news for your baby! Don't be afraid to express your thoughts and feelings about all the changes you have experienced in your new life as a mom. A healthy mother and baby do not stop with rest, good food and a schedule. Psychological health for both are important as well. Consider these helpful sites that feature healthy products, answers to questions and advice.


This site will probably be your best support regarding breastfeeding health:
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