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How many of you let your child do some household work at home? I believe, none of you. Is that because your child will feel insulted or your child is an angel who should only be kept on the bed? If that's so then why do you let the twelve year old cobbler to polish your shoes who sits on the side by road or why do you buy tea from the famous “chayewala”, Sunil who is just eleven or hardly twelve year old? Aren't they the same children just like your own child or are it their fault that they cannot afford to go to schools because they don't have enough money to spend for their education? Poor is the country and so are its citizens who take help from the children for the works like polishing their shoes or washing their cars.

Many Non-Governmental Organizations have initiated to take steps to abolish the concept of child labor but it did not help really. The reason is many poor families in India send their children to work instead of sending them to schools. One of the reasons is poverty and over population of the country. Though the government has also taken steps and opened many schools even in the rural part of the country but couldn't remove the problem from the root. Article 24 of the Indian constitution clearly states that “No child below the age of fourteen years shall be employed to work in any factory or mine or employed in any hazardous employment”. The Act of Bonded Labor System, 1976 fulfills the Indian Constitution's directive of removing forced labor. A surplus of additional defensive legislation was put in place. There are distinct laws governing child labor in factories, on plantations and even in houses. The recent law, “The Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation law)” of 1986, states that a child who hasn't completed their 14th year of age cannot be allowed to work.

It is we who consider children to be the most innocent beings of the world and the same people make the children work. It is a high time for the people to leave a few of the jobs to the government because government alone also cannot do anything until and unless its citizens get aware of such issues and help the government to develop the country. The famous quote “Children are the pillars of the nation” is used by many people but how many of us really think it. Well it is we who can help the kids to get education rather than make them work at home or any other place.

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