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When the word surrogacy is heard, it is but obvious to imagine firstly of the partnership between a lady who is going to nourish the baby and the parents who are anticipating to hold their kid in their arms. In normal cases it is by and large a mother to mother thing, but now a day, with transformed views gay surrogacy has come up, challenging some of hypocritical norms of the society.

To bring up a child in this world, is it compulsory to have a mother and a father? Can't a baby be born with 2 fathers to take care, cater all the baby needs, behave as a mother, and teach him all valuable lessons of life?

In open-minded thinking nations all over the planet, the legalisation and support of gay marriage has brought optimism to millions. The breaths of a number of gay couples, who were once forced to maintain their relations in dusk, have now been enlightened with freedom. Now a day's parenting is a major subject of discussion among gay couples. More and more gay couples these days are selecting for surrogacy to have the joy of fatherhood. Sociologists scrutinize that kids with gay parents show more understanding for social assortment, and are less restricted by sex stereotypes.

The notion of India Surrogacy for gay men has gained impetus now-a-days; gay couples are hunting for ladies who would carry their baby. Here are some of the options obtainable for gay parents:

Sperm donation from one of the fathers in the relationship, for those who desire for a baby that is hereditarily associated to one of the parent.

If either of the fathers has feasible sperm, they can get in to a sexual relationship with an agreeable surrogate mother in order to conceive the baby.


Artificial plantation or IVF (in-vitro fertilization) can be done for the surrogate mother to get the baby

There are 2 kinds of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) treatment:

1.Traditional surrogacy: the surrogate mom is inseminated with the sperm of 1 out of the 2 gay men or a donor, by the way of in-vitro fertilization. The sperm taster is gathered either by removing it from the scrotum or through masturbation.

2.Gestational: the eggs are taken from the surrogate mom, later are fertilized in a laboratory collaborating with sperm from one of the gay men in relation or some another donor, and then inseminated into the surrogate mom again.

This cycle permits both the gay parents to have the opportunity to get several embryos; some eggs are fertilized by one father and the residual ones by the other gay partner. Whereas there is no warranty that both embryos will be inseminated or not, it will give both intended fathers an equivalent opportunity for being genetic father of the child. The chances of conceiving for a surrogate mom will be more if more than 1 egg is fertilized and if proper fertility medicines are taken.

The experience of raising a child is the most pleasant. Each and every moment of bring up a child is full of wonders and blessing of God.

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