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When I was 22 years old, I discovered myself with an absence of education and learning, an absence of money and an absence of self-regard! I was dating an ex-boyfriend, whom I later on wed, had four kids with, and divorced. He was 25 at the time, and stayed in his parents' basement. He had schooling, an absence of money and an absence of self-regard! When I recall now, I think to myself, “That was an entire other world ago!”

That was the year that I was introduced to a terrific publication on individual development called Think and Grow Rich, composed by Napoleon Hill, first released in 1937. I remember crying and running over to my father's home. I told him, “If the children only understood how amazing, smart and impressive they are, they could be secured from making the same horrendous mistakes I had actually already made.” I continued to make mistakes throughout my journey for the next several years.

I consider the world today and wonderful the people in it. I ask yourself why they cannot see the charm of the planet like I do. I have actually thought since I thoroughly read Think and Grow Rich that if everybody understood that they could possibly be more, do more and have more, then they would truly work hard for it, like I did. It looked like every nine times of 10, if not one out of the whole 100, when I would come across someone, they would think in dreams for various other individuals however would not rely on dreams for themselves.


I soon came to be a success coach and inspirational speaker, after studying personal advancement for 18 years, so I can help the people on the planet see their personal success. I have had a dream because I read Think and Grow Rich that I would somehow have the ability to get to the kids to be able to teach them in their individual advancement. I now realize the truth! The reality is kids do not require personal advancement. They need excellent favorable parenting solutions with structure, real love and assistance. Kids and teenagers need their moms and dads to take on their role as the parent and to work as diligently to raise their children as they operate in their businesses!

I made mistakes. I did not have excellent parenting styles since I did not have fantastic role models as a child, so I did the very best I could possibly do as a single mom. I worked on instructing them the skills of setting objectives, making vision boards, and writing down the essential things they desire in their life, but at the same time I was stealing their freedom, self-confidence and self-regard with my parenting styles. I was a devoted mom. I volunteered at their schools. I made certain that they constantly had excellent clothes, and I made certain to personally spend a whole lot of time with them when they were little. So, where the heck did I fail? How did I end up with unhappy children who are ungrateful, unloving and deserving?

Thank goodness I found the answer to my dream and the response to help the next generation of children and teenagers come to be happy, effective and grateful. Absolutely nothing happens by opportunity or luck, so I will state it this way, “I drew in Thomas into my life due to the fact that we were meant to share these positive parenting solutions with you and every other mom and dad around the globe!”

The first thing I learned from Thomas is to actually listen to my children, to hear what is important to them. This is their fuel for them to learn the life skills which I have deemed essential to their survival. Now, we work towards the future together, as a strong team.

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