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It is interesting to see what progress has been made in investigating new ways to treat ADHD. Medication has so many drawbacks and concerns that it is easy to understand why people are looking elsewhere. Natural remedies for attention deficit disorder are gaining ground and becoming more widely known.

They are also beginning to think outside the box. That is a very good sign but is tempered by the fact that many doctors are still in the pay of pharmaceutical companies for promoting the ADHD mind altering drugs so there is still a long way to go.

Let us look at EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a sort of acupressure technique used to improve emotional health. There has been at least one very interesting experiment which shows that EFT can be really beneficial for ADHD children.

We often overlook how important emotional health is and how it affects our physical wellbeing. The research on psychosomatic illnesses is well documented and proves that we are very much guided in our daily lives by our emotional health. What could be more natural than this?

Let us have a look at what this involves. This particular research focused on a sensory intervention and they found that the results were remarkable. Children after this therapy were certainly calmer and more focused and there was much less recklessness and impulsive behavior.

There were about 90 children with ADHD involved in the study and about 60% of these were treated with sensory intervention therapy. The therapy focused in the tactile sense, the proprioceptive sense which controls our awareness of the body in space and then on the vestibular which focuses more on movement. The actual activities were playing on a swing, brushing the skin and also working with a stability ball. Once the children were relaxed, they were already showing improvement in their behavior.

Obviously more work needs to be done in this very interesting area. Sometimes children are oversensitive to soap residues and certain fabrics. They become hyperactive and restless. When we discover what these are and replace them with alternatives, the child improves. We perhaps often overlook that an ADHD child is particularly sensitive to aural and tactile sensations.

But there are a whole lot of other natural remedies for attention deficit disorder which are now gaining credence These include homeopathy, diet, pet therapy, neurofeedback and also the use of fish oil supplements.

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