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While many people who really don't understand surrogacy and look at it as an act to get money from people who want to have kids. It is actually one of the most selfless acts that a person could do for another couple who wish to have kids of their own. Many places in the states do not fully comprehend the great value and help this process brings to many childless couples. However, in the state of Florida surrogacy is well accepted and protected by laws and statutes. A surrogate mother can truly live in peace in this state without being mocked or ridiculed by others.

The laws and statutes implemented in Florida protect both surrogate mothers and intended parents. They have clear guidelines and rules implemented to protect the welfare of surrogate mothers as well as intended parents. Before finalizing an agreement for surrogacy between surrogate mothers and intended parents, both parties entering into this legal agreement would have to pass certain psychological tests and screenings. Intended mothers would need to be screened on four main areas namely: bonds, control, closure and proper ethics. Passing these four important psychological screening tests will ensure intended parents that they have a well suited and stable surrogate mother to carry and deliver their child. Intended parents on the other hand would need to pass psychological tests as well as background checks. Intended parents would need to have a clear mind to fully understand all the risks and benefits of surrogacy. They would also have to pass certain background checks like income and prove that they are happily married and living together. All these tests and screening processes are very important because one of the main stipulations in Florida is that, intended parents would have to be married and living together to be protected by its laws and statutes.

Considering all the laws and statutes in Florida, this is clearly one of the best states to stay in if you are a surrogate mother. People from this area do understand that this is not just an agreement to earn money but is actually considered as a selfless act to help others. In Florida the state does not actually permit direct compensation to surrogate mothers. Intended parents would just need to cover reasonable expenses incurred during pregnancy and appropriate medical costs before, during and after pregnancy. All legal costs like adoption are shouldered by intended parents. The amount of money a surrogate mother makes is really not that much considering all the hardships she would have to undergo during the period of pregnancy plus she has to be mentally stable to make the proper transition of giving up the baby after its delivery. Being a Florida surrogate is certainly one of the most noble jobs or profession that seeks out to help childless couples. People should be well educated about this process to fully understand it and finally consider it as a noble act. There are several great surrogates in Florida that can help childless couples have their very own child. Be sure to look for the best surrogate agencies that could provide the most suitable surrogates for you.

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