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Artists around the world often attribute finding their passion in what they do by “seeing everything through the eyes of a child.” This quote, however, goes beyond just the world of art. In our case, we believe it should apply to daycare. Child Educare offers a new holistic approach and alternative to day care in Miami. A day care service that not only provides nanny service when you need it, even at the last minute, but provides an educational, adventurous and most importantly engaging experience promising to deepen the developing mind toward new passions.

Child Educare goes beyond the scope of Day Care in Miami not by allowing you, the parent, to treat yourself with your child in the good care of a qualified and experienced caretaker, but by giving you the opportunity to treat your child while you're at it. Whether through music and movement, speaking a language fluent or in the kitchen learning basic cooking, your child will gain a new appreciation for art, culture and crafts. We believe that individual care is the best opportunity to gain new understandings and appreciation for life lessons at the early stages of development.


From the second of birth, a child's thought is always at work. Spinning to higher circumferences of understanding as the days progress, the opportunity to expand the minds of hearts of your child toward new loves that may make a lasting impact that could set foundations for their entire life will never be as bright. Child Educare offers interdisciplinary approaches designed to engage your child and your family toward self knowledge and self empowerment. The potential for learning falls solely on the ability to communicate. That's why every educator whose services are enlisted in the our system brings expertise in varying fields with educational experience that transcends both realms of care and curriculae.

More than day care, in Miami family life has a profound effect on your child's early development. Our educators provide a collaborative effort with lesson plans and on-demand monitoring through the convenience of an iPad. Because through better communication comes the love for language and literacy. Child Educare's learning programs work through 5 modules: art, classical music, foreign languages, the English language and introductory culinary art. It's through an individual and personalized approach, building bridges of understanding between our educators and your children that your children will learn to push their potential toward unprecedented levels.

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