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Cold sores, also known as “fever blisters,” are those tiny sores which typically appear above and on the upper lip. They are extremely common, easily transmitted, and caused by HSV-1 (herpes simplex virus type 1). The virus has a tendency to remain inactive in the nerve cells and is triggered once the immune system is deteriorated, which is when an outbreak occurs. Children have immune systems that are less developed, so they are more at risk to the virus.

Everybody, regardless age, finds it painful, embarrassing, and hard to suffer a cold sore. The entire cycle takes approximately ten days. Most people get the cold sore virus when they're young, and it's transmitted in the saliva or mucus from the mouth and nose.

You should protect your kids from getting the cold sore virus. However, as anybody with young kids knows, this can be extremely hard. It's just as easy for HSV-1 to be transmitted within the family itself. If you're scared that a direct skin-to-skin contact has been made with somebody who presents with a cold sore, then make certain to wash body parts touched by the HSV-infected skin instantaneously. Wash with plenty of water and mild soap.

There's more you can do.

A protective, organic, natural lip balm can keep your kid's lips moisturized. HSV can only infect someone if they have an opening or break in the skin like a crack, scratch or cut. The lip balm can keep the lips moisturized while inhibiting them from splitting or breaking. With one part beeswax pearls, two parts sweet almond oil, and a few wheat germ oil drops, you can even create your own lip balm. Heat the sweet almond oil in a pan and add the beeswax pearls. Add more beeswax pearls for a thicker consistency. Let the mixture cool, add a couple of essentials oil drops and pour into tubes or jars carefully.

If your kid is attending a childcare facility, all kids and adults must use proper sanitizing or hand washing practices with no towel sharing. A child who presents with cold sores must remain at home until the cold sores are healed. Moreover, any toys that are placed into the mouth ought to be disinfected. If you are hiring or borrowing toys, mind disinfecting these items right after you reach home.

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