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There are many guidelines of handling pregnancy. There are books, other moms, and the OB-GYN. But is there a guide available that could tell those new moms of the kinds of things that they would expect days after her delivery?

Different Things that Happen after Delivery
Women usually have themselves prepared when pregnancy comes. And the beauty of this is because of the abundance of guidelines that could help them prepare on those baby bumps. However, a guide about the experiences a new mom will likely experience is usually scarce. The reason why is because women doesn't usually take that part seriously in which they should.

Here are some things that a mom should expect after the end of their pregnancy:

Pain in Nursing
One of the few things that guidelines to pregnancy leave-out is the pain and discomfort that women would experience in nursing.

According to modern parenting Philippines every woman has a different experience, and I hope you are one of those who never experienced pain or discomfort while nursing, but for others, such as me, it hurts. And it gets worse over the days as you get more bruised and baby becomes stronger and more demanding. You literally shed blood and tears over this one.

However, according to modern Philippines Lifestyle just when you think you will never get through it, the pain starts to fade. It goes away little by little until one day, sometime around the second or third week; you realize the pain is gone. However, having a heads-up for this could really be very helpful.

The Day the Milk Come's In
Another important fact that many have left out is the answer to the question of, when will the milk come? Any time from your second to fifth day. Normally, it is just swelling and tenderness but this feeling of fullness can turn into engorgement if you don't nurse frequently enough.

Feeling of Loneliness
Pregnancy brings about a number of hormonal emotions. And just as you thought that these hormones will be gone after delivery, think again!

When the baby comes, there is the incredible joy. It's wonderful to see everyone dropping by to check on you and the baby. But at the same time, seeing family and friends carry on with their lives as you struggle with the challenges of a “new normal” can give rise to a strange isolating feeling that you're all alone despite the amazing support and love of everyone. But just like any hormonal effects that women experience in pregnancy, this will also subside eventually. For more information visit to our site at

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