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Reports say that almost fifty per cent of the marriages in the United States end up in divorce. And up to half per cent of these divorces become fatal for the mental well-being of the children involved in it. And step parent adoption comes here as a boon, allowing the child a tension-free life in a safe environment.

If you are under the impression that adopting a child may mean spending hundreds of dollars in the form of fees for your lawyer, you are completely mistaken. At present, there are many websites which offer online stepparent adoption forms. After submitting the information, the service provider would do all the required paperwork. You may be required to pay a nominal fee. However, it would definitely be much lower than an attorney may charge you for the purpose. If you wish to do the same by yourself, there are just three simple steps of stepparent adoption: filing the complaint in the court, serving upon the natural parent about your petition and attending the court hearing approving or rejecting the complaint.


Most of the time, the natural parents of the child, if divorced would surrender their parental rights on the child. This allows them the freedom of being exempted from offering financial support for the child. After rectifying with a social status checking that your home would be ideal for the child, you would be authorized by the court to adopt the child. The attempt to rectify your social status may appear to be a violation of your privacy. However, this does not have to do anything to do in particular if the natural parents have allowed you to adopt the child. If you wish, you can see the report prepared by the clerk even before attending the court hearing which is the final step of the whole process. Just go to the court and ask the clerk for your case file. Remember, your home would never be inspected without prior notice. And when it comes to court hearing, the judge's primary concern would be whether the adoption would go well for the child or not. And in some States, even children are asked to give consent for the adoption. And for that, the child has to be above 10 years of age.

Online stepparent adoption forms have come as a great relief for a situation where children face an identity crisis after getting registered into a school. The school needs a surname which is there in the birth certificate. And fortunately for the child, the process of adoption is easy, fast and simple!

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